Disarming Amputees is a collaboration of songs by two friends. 


i am tatu and ville is ville. we are disarming amputees.

we started making noises together when we were younger. we also thought of a cool band name.

we record music with the stuff we have laying around. thankfully ville has some experience with recording and mastering. as kids we were a part of a group that pooled our money together so we could record and rehearse music.  what remains of this endeavor is our label kumma-records.

as a duo it is not possible to play our songs live and for this reason we have yet to perform to an audience. also ville lives in Spain while tatu resides in Finland, so playing gigs is not something we see in our immediate future, although it’d be fun.

the stuff we like to create doesn’t always fit in the same genre as the songs we already have. therefore we produce (lol) our records by grouping the stuff that sounds alike and mixing the pot sort-of-speak with a few odd ones that stand out here and there. so in the future you might hear us playing popular music. popular to whom you ask? i have no idea. they just call it pop-music.

lickety split