Disarming Amputees is a collaboration of songs by two friends. 


We started playing music together in 2005.  We record our music in our self-funded studio. As kids we were a part of a group that pooled our money together so we could record and rehearse music.  What remains of this endeavor is our studio, kumma-records.  

Can you see/hear us play live somewhere? 

As a duo it is not possible to play our songs live the way they are meant to be heard. For this reason we have yet to perform to an audience. On that note I should add that 'Brothers in arms' took years to make. In the future we plan to release three albums in rapid succession and perform live somehow, we just don't know how yet.  As you might have guessed there is (a not so) subtle play with words with the name of our group and the name of our debut album. At the moment you can listen to our stuff on vinyl, bandcamp.com and on our site here.

We firmly believe that all music is art and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Every interpretation is correct and real for the individual. We encourage you to make assumptions in art. Let yourself feel. That is the sole purpose of things of that nature.